The global trade slowdown more serious than expected

Japan trade weakness is only an epitome of decadent in global trade. Wall Street stories was quoted in the global trade alert Organization (GCA), according to a new report, because of the rise of trade protectionism, global trade in the past 18 months has been stalled in high.
1xbet report shows that since January 2015, global trade growth has completely disappeared, and the volume of merchandise trade stagnated. In April this year of the global exports and imports remained below the level of January 2015 and little fluctuation after that period of time. In economic history, no growth for so long is very rare.
Economists are divided over the causes of trade slowed, some argue that the spread of trade protectionism has begun to drag down the global economy, others believe that the long term trend, such as the shortage of global supply chains, as well as the digital trade Ambassador role the reason for slowing trade. In this regard, the major economies stimulate the activity of trade positions expressed. July 10 in 2016 that ended group of 20 (G20) Trade Ministers ‘ G20 history’s first trade ministerial statement to be released, “said efforts to lower the cost of global trade by 15%. “
The Conference also approved the 1xbet global trade growth strategy, established to reduce cost, enhance trade and investment policy coordination, promotion of trade in services, enhanced trade finance, trade confidence, promote e-commerce development and the seven pillars of cooperation on trade and development, and targeted action plans.
G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors of the 24th will be published on the communique stated that the G20 will take further action to revive world trade and promote investment, will also work to reduce excessive imbalances and promote inclusiveness in the process of pursuing economic growth.

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